Thursday, 28 September 2017


How did the fireman visit go Room 6?
Miss Lister sent me this amazing photo! 

Monday, 18 September 2017

Swimming Term 3

We had so much fun at the New Windsor pool in Term 3 learning how to float and water safety skills! Our favorite parts were wearing life jackets, going under a boat and kicking through pretend waves.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Inquiry - Sustainability

For our inquiry this term we recycled and reused plastic pump water bottles to create flower pots. We hung them up along our deck because we felt that there weren't many plants growing along our deck and that we did not have many flowers growing around the school. Always remember to recycle and reuse that way we reduce and are working together to make our planet sustainable! We can't wait to see what plant pots work! Keep an eye out!

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Visy recycling

Today we visited the recycling centre in Onehunga and enjoyed dressing up! So did our awesome helpers! Here is some fantastic persuasive writing by Sina - 

I believe you should recycle to keep earth healthy. It is great to recycle paper and plastic items because you can reuse them to create art. In art we reused paper to make collages. 

First of all, if we don’t recycle, our air will be polluted and our environment will be nasty.  
Also, our air will be polluted and it will create more gas making it hard to breathe in oxygen.

Secondly, If we don’t recycle, we will have a lot of magazines and litter. We will keep getting more paper and it might kill the animals and plants. The animals might get stuck in the plastic bags or try to eat the rubbish.

Finally…..If you keep glass around then it might get onto the road, the people from the car's might pop their tyre.

So you should reduce, reuse and recycle!!!

Also check out Minerva's writing about why we should recycle.

 I believe we should recycle because if we don’t then our earth will be polluted.

First of all it will create gas in the air to make us sick and can't breath in. The gas could also stop plants from growing if they don’t have enough air to breathe in.

Secondly we can recycle to reuse other stuff in art. We can use old magazines to make artwork and landscapes. 

Also it reduces the rubbish in the air and if you throw rubbish to where animals live it can kill our animals.

Lastly if we use plastic bags and you throw them in the sea the sea animals will get stuck in the plastic bags

Finally if you put the plastic in the compost or you take it to the worm farm the worms will die.

So you should REDUCE, REUSE, and RECYCLE!!!!!!!

Monday, 31 July 2017

Writing Samples

We have been learning to self check our writing and identify our next steps. We cannot wait to share our writing samples with you at the Talanoa Student Conferences on Thursday. Remember it's not to late to book a time and thank you to everyone that has already booked!

Vector - Staying Safe

On Friday Room 6 and Room 5 went to the staff room because Vector came to talk to us about how to be safe around electricity.
She told us 13 facts about how to keep safe around electricity. So 1 fact is to don’t put stuff on stuff that is electrical as it can cause a fire.

Step 2’s fact is don’t put water close to electricity because it can cause a fire as well. The third fact is if you’re toast is stuck don’t use a knife to get it out only use it when the switch is off. The fourth fact is don’t use a charger if it is bitten because if you charge it and you had a baby sister then she touched it she might get a shock.

The fifth fact is hold a charger on the cord and plug - only hold it on the rubber. Sixth fact is if there is a fire at your house then you have to have an escape plan. Number 7 is is if you see a tree laying on the power lines then stay 6 meters away but don’t go on it because you might have a bad shock znd then you might have a broken bone. Number 8 don’t plug electric stuff near the shower because when you take it out it is going to shock you as well. Number 9's fact is don’t plug heaps of things in one triple multi plug because when it is heaps it might make your house catch on fire because it has to much electricity going through it. Number 10's fact is don’t throw something at a shutter stuck because it might fall.Number 11 is don't drive fast on the road because you might crash into the power lines and you might have a drink in there and it might spill.Number 12 is  if your mum is eletricuted you have to call the ambulance and turn off the main plug in your house.Number 13 is always cook with an adult. Thank you and I hope you have learned something about being safe around electricity.

Written by Lofa.